Dental health in dogs and cats - Healthy teeth, healthy pet

Tzt. Elisabeth Helm GPCert SAS/SAM
Dental health of dogs and cats
Healthy teeth are a decisive factor for the well-being of dogs and cats. Learn here how to recognize, prevent and treat dental problems.


Healthy teeth for a healthy animal

Dental health dog

Our animals can get "rotten teeth" too

Healthy teeth are a decisive factor for the well-being of dogs and cats. Especially older animals often suffer from dental diseases such as gingivitis and tartar. This causes pain when eating and quite apart from the bad breath, inflammations of the mouth area are a burden on the entire immune system of the animal.

How can you judge your pet's dental health?

  • Does your pet have bad breath?
  • Is your pet suddenly avoiding dry food and only eating soft food?
  • Does your pet chew funny?
  • Does your pet have yellowish or brown discolored teeth?
  • Does your pet have reddened gums?
  • Is your pet salivating heavily?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, then your pet probably needs dental work. 

For dogs and cats, a NARCOSIS is necessary for the treatment of the teeth. Your pet will be checked together with you and the treatment and aftercare will be discussed. In our practice, all patients are anesthetized with a gentle INHALATION ANESTHESIS and all vital parameters are monitored throughout. Your four-legged friend will stay with us for observation after the anesthesia. As soon as he is able to walk and stand, he can go home the same day. 

We check your pet's teeth at every visit and are happy to advise you on possible preventative measures and other treatments regarding oral hygiene.

We are happy to advise you on your pet's dental health.
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Tzt. Elisabeth Helm GPCert SAS/SAM
Tzt. Elisabeth Helm GPCert SAS/SAM

Elisabeth Helm has over 10 years of professional experience as a veterinarian. She completed her studies at the LMU Munich and subsequently trained as a General Practitioner for small animal medicine and surgery at the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies. In 2013 she founded the veterinary practice Uderns in the Zillertal.

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