Healthy teeth, healthy animal

Dental health of dogs and cats

Our animals can also get "rotten teeth". Especially older animals often suffer from dental diseases. Gum inflammation and tartar cause pain when eating and quite apart from the bad breath, inflammation of the mouth area is a burden on the entire immune system of the animal.

Dental treatment for dogs and cats is carried out in Anesthesia performed. All of our patients are anesthetized with gentle inhalation anesthesia and all vital signs are monitored throughout.

How can you judge your pet's dental health?

  • Does your pet have bad breath?
  • Is your pet suddenly avoiding dry food and only eating soft food?
  • Does your pet chew funny?
  • Does your pet have yellowish or brown discolored teeth?
  • Does your pet have reddened gums?
  • Is your pet salivating heavily?

We check your pet's teeth at every visit and are happy to advise you on possible preventative measures and other treatments regarding oral hygiene.

We are happy to advise you on your pet's dental health.