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Veterinary Medicine Tyrol

Veterinarian for dogs, cats and horses

We specialize in medical care for dogs, cats and horses. 

An individual treatment for each animal and a good cooperation with the pet owner are especially important to us. This is the only way we can ensure that your pet receives the best possible care and recovers quickly. We attach great importance to comprehensive diagnostics in order to find the cause of diseases and to be able to treat them specifically. To do this, we use the latest technology and our in-depth expertise.

In order to take sufficient time for your concerns, we work exclusively by appointment. This way we can ensure that you and your pet can visit us in peace and our team can fully concentrate on you. With an appointment we guarantee a short waiting time

Our service

Together we will take care of your favorite's health!

A complete clinical exam allows us to get a comprehensive overview of your pet's health and suggest further diagnostic testing or treatment if needed.

Internal medicine looks at the entire body of the animal and can thus detect problems in the digestive system, the respiratory tract or the cardiovascular system. Metabolic disorders or diseases of the kidneys or liver can also be diagnosed. 

A detailed analysis of blood and urine samples as well as X-rays or ultrasounds provide us with further important information. The more data we collect about our animals, the better we can respond to their needs and provide them with the best possible medical care.

We perform soft tissue and bone surgeries in addition to standard surgeries such as neutering, wound care and abscess treatment. A fully equipped operating room with modern anesthesia monitoring ensure safety and effectiveness.

With a regular dental checkup, we can ensure that our beloved pets have healthy and painless dentition. For dental treatments and scaling we have a modern equipped dental surgery with inhalation anesthesia and dental unit.

We attach great importance to an individual and holistic care of your horse. In addition to medical treatments and therapies, we also advise you on vaccination, nutrition and training. Furthermore we offer chiropractic treatments for your four-legged friend. 

Our team

The health of your pet is our specialty

Our goal is to keep your pet healthy and fit.

We also offer preventive measures, such as regular health checks and advice on training and feeding your pet. Because a healthy lifestyle is the best precaution against diseases.

Our experienced veterinarians are always at your side and support you in implementing an individual health plan for your pet. We attach particular importance to a holistic view of the animal, in order to recognize possible risk factors at an early stage and to be able to counteract them in a targeted manner.

Because #weloveanimals

We are accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic

Due to their unique nature and needs, a visit to the veterinarian is stressful for many cats. As an accredited cat-friendly practice, we offer spaces and equipment specifically adapted to cats. Our entire team is trained in stress-free handling of your velvet paw.

What our customers say:

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Profession chosen completely right! Dr. Helm is a very competent and empathetic veterinarian! My cat and I received very good care. I do not hope that my four-legged friend will need medical help again, but if she does, then definitely again from the great, friendly and caring team of Dr. Helm. Thank you very much again!
Maine Coon:
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From 129 people with 5 stars I am now the 130ige, which can confirm the 5 stars. It was an emergency and only more vet Uderns was there for me and my cat Paula. (All vets had closed or were not available) I would like to thank you from the whole heart, for the loving care and also the demand after a few days, how Paula is doing. Can highly recommend the veterinary practice!
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A madness, know many veterinary practices. If everything stays like this, Lisa and Stefan won't get rid of me. Whenever it's urgent, I get promptly (within 1 - 2 hours) an appointment. The professional competence is incomparably higher, far above standard. So what? Go there and see for yourself.
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Our cat Lennon was operated last year and the team of the veterinary practice Uderns took super care of him. I could visit him at any time and was always welcome. In addition, we were informed exactly what and how it is done. In the meantime you don't notice anything of his injury. Thanks to the team ✨
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Doctors to whom one takes off the hat, always and at any time for our darlings there, friendly and absolutely competent, thank you from our side!!!👍👍👍
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The entire team is just absolutely amazing. Incredibly helpful and empathetic. We are so incredibly happy that we found this practice. Would recommend to anyone and at any time.
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We can also highly recommend the practice. Our Emma was helped quickly. She had some problems with holding water during our vacation. We were allowed to come by immediately with Emma. A great and nice team. Emma found the treat at the end of the treatment especially tasty.
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For the first time we were there in the Corona time, because our actual vet was not ready to take us. The practice is very nice and the staff as well as the vet are very eager and friendly. Everything is explained in detail and all questions are answered understandably and well. When an appointment you get, by SMS, a reminder. We can only recommend the vet in Uderns. We are very satisfied.
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A very attentive, friendly and competent veterinary practice.I felt well taken care of with my little Yorkshire Terrier. He had injured his eye. I can only recommend this practice and know if I should be here again, where I get uncomplicated immediate help. Many thanks to the team!

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

Dogs and cats should receive their first vaccination at about 8 weeks of age. The basic immunization consists of 2-3 vaccinations at intervals of 1 month. Afterwards a booster vaccination is necessary 1 x per year.
> More info about vaccination

We recommend deworming at least 4 x / year. For pure domestic cats without outdoor access it is sufficient to deworm 1 x / year. Alternatively, you can have a fecal sample of your pet examined for worms and deworm only in case of an actual infestation.
> More info about parasites in dogs and cats.

All animals with outdoor access can fall ill with diseases transmitted by a tick bite. We recommend a tick protection for dogs and cats from April to October.
> More info about ticks in dogs and cats

We recommend castration for all animals that are not intended for breeding.
> More info about neutering

The animal should be fully grown, as soon as all teeth have changed your dog / cat is old enough for neutering. The change of teeth is completed with cats with approx. 6 months, with small dog breeds with approx. 8-10 months and with large dog breeds with approx. 10 - 14 months.
> More info about neutering

Modern anesthesia methods and continuous monitoring of vital parameters minimize the risks of anesthesia as much as possible. Each animal is checked together with you before the anesthesia and the anesthesia is discussed in detail.
> More info on anesthesia

First check if the animal is otherwise well:

  • Does your animal eat normally?
  • Has your pet been vomiting?
  • Is your animal dull?
  • Does your animal have a fever?

In case of good general condition and diarrhea can be treated with e.g. activated charcoal and diet. If there is no improvement after 1-2 days, a veterinary examination with fecal analysis is advisable.

In case of diarrhea and disturbed general condition (i.e. the animal does not eat, vomits, is dull or has fever) a veterinarian must be consulted as soon as possible. 

During a health check, we examine your pet from head to paw. We check: 

  • General condition and weight
  • Move
  • Skin and coat
  • Eyes, ears and nose
  • Mouth and teeth
  • Heart - and circulation
  • Lungs
  • Belly
  • Paws and claws

and in case of need or suspicion, we perform blood analysis, X-ray and/or ultrasound examinations and blood pressure measurement. 

Do you have any questions?

or do you need advice on the health of your animal? Then write to us or talk to us - we are happy to be there for you!

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