New Year's Eve with dog

Avoid fear and stress for the animal

So that your dog also slips well into the new year!

For most of our dogs, firecrackers on New Year's Eve mean pure stress and many are in a panic. Help your dog feel safe and distract him from the noise. It should also be a joyful event for your darling. 

Here are some tips for a relaxed New Year's Eve with your dog:

When walking on New Year's Eve, fearful dogs should remain leashed. Choose a time for the walk when there is no banging. Even previously fearless dogs can be frightened by a loud bang and flee in panic.
Under no circumstances should the dog be left alone during the bang. If he has to stay alone on the days before or after New Year's Eve (where there is also banging), a radio can help to dampen the occasional banging.
If your dog suddenly gets scared during the banging, you should stay relaxed and signal to him that everything is okay. Distract him with a treat or game, so the dog may be able to associate the banging with something positive.
Under no circumstances should a dog be taken out into the street for fireworks. Someone should stay in the house with the animal. Take a calm and relaxed mood yourself to calm the animal as well.
It may help to leave the radio or TV on and close the blinds or curtains to soften the stimuli from outside.                              

However, should your dog panic:

First of all, you should take your dog's fears seriously. Try to do everything that will help your dog feel better.
Does your dog want to withdraw? Then let him hide in the basement, under the bed or in his favorite place.
Does your dog want to be close to you? Then give him attention and caresses. You should remain calm and relaxed yourself - so you become the rock in the surf for your darling.                       

For absolute hardship cases:

If you already know, based on past years, that your dog will panic, we recommend a tranquilizer.
There are good herbal remedies for calming, but they should be taken a few days before New Year's Eve.
For extreme cases of hardship, we recommend calming medical remedies.                 

We are happy to advise you on all matters relating to your pet!