A regular health check is the best prevention

Give your pet years of life

From 6 years of age, we recommend a major health check with blood testing once a year for dogs and cats.

At 6 years of age, our dogs and cats are already in the second half of their lives and, as with us humans, the little and big aches and pains start at that age.
Many diseases, such as kidney problems, thyroid disorders and high blood pressure are difficult to detect at first, but as soon as the animal shows real symptoms, permanent damage to the organs may already be present.
If detected early, the symptoms can be cured or significantly alleviated.

Recognize the symptoms of aging:

  • Heart and circulation
    Is your pet in worse condition than before, panting more or coughing frequently?
  • Kidneys
    If your pet drinks more than before, loses weight or vomits frequently
  • Teeth
    Does your pet have bad breath, eat less, or chew funny?
  • Joints and bones
    Is your pet having a hard time getting up, limping, or not wanting to go for walks?
  • Eyes
    Does your pet seem unsteady and often walk along a wall?
  • Thyroid
    Is your dog dull and gaining weight? Is your cat restless and losing weight?
  • Gastrointestinal tract
    Is your pet eating normally and still losing weight or is your pet vomiting frequently?

If your dog doesn't want to be walked anymore or your cat vomits frequently and loses weight, this is not a sign of old age, the animal could be suffering from serious health problems. Many animals suffer from cardiovascular disease or joint pain in old age, often these are downplayed as aches and pains of old age. In many cases, if diagnosed in time, the animal can be helped.

One year of life of our pets corresponds to about 7 - 10 years of life of a human being. And let's be honest - every few years even the healthiest person needs a doctor. Our animals can not tell us their pain and suffering and especially cats will not show it so quickly, because weak and sick animals in nature quickly become victims. 

Health check for dogs and cats

During a health check, we examine the animal from head to paw. We observe the movement and behavior and perform a complete clinical examination. The conversation with you, the pet owner, is important for us to get information about the eating behavior, digestion and activity of your four-legged friend. Afterwards, blood is taken from the animal, after about 20 minutes the results are ready and the findings are discussed with you in detail. In some cases, further examinations, such as ultrasound or X-rays, are necessary to obtain all the information about the organ function and the musculoskeletal system of the animal. 

We will be happy to advise you on the preventive examination of your pet.