Health insurance for dogs and cats - Why should I insure my pet?

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Veterinary costs can be significant in the event of illness or injury. Medical insurance can help cover these costs and ensure that you can look after your pet's welfare without feeling financially overwhelmed.


Does health insurance for dogs and cats make sense?

The question of whether pet health insurance makes sense depends on several factors. Health insurance for dogs and cats works in a similar way to health insurance for humans and covers the costs of veterinary treatment.
There are several reasons for taking out pet health insurance:

  • First, veterinary costs can be significant in the event of an illness or injury. Medical insurance can help cover these costs and ensure that you can look after your pet's welfare without feeling financially overwhelmed.

  • Second, health insurance allows for more comprehensive veterinary care. For example, one can make veterinary visits more regular and take advantage of preventive measures such as vaccinations and annual examinations to maintain the pet's health.

  • Another consideration is that by purchasing pet health insurance, one is better prepared for possible emergencies and unforeseen medical situations. In the event of a sudden illness, one can act quickly and have the necessary treatments performed without delay or financial concerns.

However, it is important to remember that health insurance is not necessary for every pet owner. Some pet owners prefer to save up for veterinary expenses themselves and pay for them as needed. Others prefer to purchase only emergency coverage in the form of emergency reinsurance.

When deciding whether or not to purchase health insurance for your pet, you should also consider the pet's health status. If the pet already suffers from certain diseases or has a genetic predisposition to certain diseases, insurance may offer a higher benefit.

Pet health insurance providers in Austria

Here are some well-known companies:

  1. AGILA Austria: AGILA also offers pet insurance in Austria, including pet health insurance for dogs and cats. Their plans include treatment for illnesses, accidents, surgeries and medication, among other things. 

  2. Helvetia Austria: Helvetia also offers individual insurance solutions for dogs, cats and horses in Austria. In addition to animal health insurance, you can also take out surgery insurance or health insurance for horses.

  3. Uelzener Austria: Uelzener also operates in Austria and offers various insurance plans for dogs, cats and horses. Included in their animal health insurance are treatments for illnesses, accidents and surgeries.

  4. Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt Austria: Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt is also represented in Austria and offers animal liability insurance as well as animal health insurance. Their plan covers treatment for illnesses and accidents, as well as vaccinations and preventive examinations for dogs and cats.

  5. Allianz Österreich: Auch die Allianz ist in Österreich aktiv und bietet eine Haustierkrankenversicherung für Hunde und Katzen an. Ihr Plan deckt Krankheiten, Unfälle und Operationen ab.


I recommend comparing the different providers and reviewing their quotes for cost, coverage, and customer satisfaction to find the insurance that best fits your needs and those of your pet.

What is the cost of treatment at the vet?

The cost of veterinary care can vary widely depending on the type of treatment, the severity of the illness or injury, and the geographic location.

Here are some examples of the potential cost of certain treatments:

  • Routineuntersuchungen und Impfungen:
    Diese kosten in der Regel zwischen 50 und 100 Euro pro Besuch.

  • Behandlung von Verletzungen:
    Die Kosten für die Behandlung von Verletzungen, z. B. von Knochenbrüchen oder Wunden, können je nach Schweregrad und benötigten Untersuchungen und Operationen zwischen 200 und 2.000 Euro oder mehr betragen.

  • Behandlung von Erkrankungen:
    Die Kosten für die Behandlung von Erkrankungen, wie z. B. Allergien, Infektionen oder chronischen Krankheiten, können stark variieren. Sie können je nach Untersuchungen, Medikamenten und möglicherweise notwendigen Operationen zwischen 100 und mehreren tausend Euro liegen.

  • Notfallbehandlungen:
    Notfallbehandlungen, wie z. B. bei lebensbedrohlichen Situationen oder Unfällen, können sehr teuer sein, insbesondere wenn eine intensive Überwachung, Operationen oder spezialisierte Fachärzte beteiligt sind. Die Kosten können mehrere tausend Euro betragen.

These are only estimates, the exact cost depends on many factors. In addition, the cost of veterinary care can vary by geographic location and clinic. It is advisable to obtain information about costs and payment options beforehand and be aware of potential expenses in order to plan for financial burdens or consider pet health insurance if necessary.

How much does pet health insurance cost?

As a rule, monthly premiums for pet health insurance start at around 15 to 20 euros per month. However, for more comprehensive coverage and benefits, the cost can be up to 50 euros or more.

The cost of pet health insurance can vary widely depending on the provider, the age of the pet, the breed and other factors. There is no fixed monthly cost, as each insurance company offers individual rates and coverage options.

Some providers also offer different plans with varying levels of coverage at different prices. It is important to consider the individual needs of the pet as well as the pet owner's budget and compare options to find a suitable insurance plan.

It should also be noted that monthly costs are only a portion of the costs that may be incurred over the years. There are also often deductibles or annual caps on reimbursements that must be considered.

In addition to the monthly cost, pet owners should also carefully review the terms of the policy and consider covered treatments, exclusions, waiting periods and other conditions to ensure they select the right policy for their needs.

We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about insuring your pet.

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